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    DTT Surveillance Launches Enhanced MyDTT Tool

  • Industry News January 4, 2012

    DTT’s latest product launch, MyDTT, originally released in July 2011, now features an even wider variety of services and offers users a comprehensive enterprise management portal. 

    With more than 7,000 users to date, MyDTT 2.0 has been very well received amongst DTT’s customers. 

    According to Dairy Queen operator Doug Howard, “Having one central location to house loss prevention and have live access to all of our restaurants is outstanding. It is the greatest addition to any organization.” 

    For McDonald’s owner Ed Stanberry, “MyDTT is eye-opening and productive from a leadership perspective, because I can see things that normally get lost.”  

    DTT’s Chief Technology Officer, Vic Herrera, says, “MyDTT 2.0 is the result of a year’s worth of feedback from our client base. We have worked very closely with customers to deliver real world applications that have a dramatic impact on ROI. We will continue to enhance the system and create services that will meet their needs and ensure that the MyDTT portal offers them a fully featured suite of loss prevention and operational tools.”

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