Dunbar Armored, Inc., based in Hunt Valley, Maryland, America’s largest independently-owned armored car and cash management services company serving retailers, financial institutions, and government entities, has just introduced a new line of in-store, electronic cash-validating Dunbar Cash Manager Safes equipped with two-way digital wireless communication capabilities.

The Dunbar Cash Manager Safe is designed to provide immediate wireless transmission of cash deposit data from safes located in stores and restaurants to Dunbar where the information is consolidated and formatted into multiple cash management reports available for real time access by customers’ corporate offices through Dunbar’s secure Valu-Trak Web site. By utilizing Dunbar’s Relationship Banks, customers are able to improve cash flow by reducing “float” through advanced crediting of their bank accounts for funds which remain inside Cash Manager Safes.

Brian Stang, Dunbar Armored’s vice president of automated cash services says that
“Time and time again, our customers have consistently told us that the ability to access timely cash deposit information gives them the power to make better cash management decisions. The Dunbar Cash Manager Safe enables our customers to reduce risk exposure, save time, and enhance their cash management with easy online access to the information that they need through our secure Dunbar Valu-Trak Web site. In addition, our safes are capable of providing retailers with advanced credit for bank deposits through special arrangements with participating banks.”

Stang notes that “Dunbar Armored expects rapid growth of the Cash Manager SafeSM program in serving major retailers across the country who want to take advantage of the new advanced credit feature, which enables them to earn interest on cash while it still remains inside their store safes.”

Travis Smith, CFO of Bodan, Incorporated, a Wendy’s restaurant franchisee in Boulder, Colorado, says that Dunbar Armored’s Cash Manager Safe has already helped his company to dramatically improve its cash position.

“By utilizing the advanced credit feature,” he says, “we have been able to take the float out of our bank deposits and gained the use of nearly $250 million, four days sooner. That kind of money makes a big difference in our corporate cash flow. Our Dunbar safes have paid for themselves many, many times over.

“The use of Dunbar Armored to transport our bank deposits is also providing a ROI of nearly $80,000 annually by allowing us to keep our managers in the restaurants. Keeping managers in the stores at all times has increased their productivity, allowed for a decrease in hourly labor, lowered food costs, and drastically reduced our exposure to theft.”

Those interested in more information about the Dunbar Cash Manager Safe program may contact Wayne Birely, vice president of Cash Vault Sales:

Phone: 410-229-1904

E-mail: wayne.birely@dunbararm.com

Those interested can also contact Tom Grem, vice president of Dunbar Cash Manager Safe:

Phone: 410-229-1766

E-mail: tom.grem@dunbararm.com

Those interested can also visit the company’s Web site at: dunbararmored.com.