For on-the-go coffee drinkers seeking something a bit bolder, Dunkin’ Donuts has a new coffee choice served in a cool new way. Less than two years after launching its first bottled Iced Coffee beverages, Dunkin’ Donuts is giving the ready-to-drink category another jolt with the launch of new Shot in the Dark coffee espresso blend, the brand’s first coffee beverage served in a can. Manufactured and distributed by the Coca-Cola Company, Shot in the Dark combines the classic tastes of Dunkin’s signature coffee and espresso for a bold new way to keep recharged, refreshed and running on Dunkin’, any time, anywhere.

Served in a special slim can, Shot in the Dark delivers Dunkin’ Donuts’ high-quality coffee with a touch of cream and sugar, combined with delicious espresso for a full-bodied, rich, smooth coffee espresso blend. Offered in three fan favorite flavors—Caramel, Mocha and Vanilla—each 8.1 ounce can of Shot in the Dark is 80 calories. Shot in the Dark can be found now in select retail locations, and its availability will continue to expand through 2019 at convenience and grocery stores across the United States.

“Our fans have loved our ready-to-drink iced coffees as a great way to power through their day with Dunkin’ anytime and anywhere,” says Brian Gilbert, Dunkin’ Donuts Vice President, Retail Business Development. “Now, for the coffee-loving consumers who want something a little bolder than a traditional cup of coffee, but not as strong as a shot of espresso, our Shot in the Dark creates an exciting and energizing new option when on-the-go.”

Shot in the Dark isn’t the only new Dunkin’ ready-to-drink choice launching this month for on-the-go coffee drinkers, as the brand is keeping fans pumped for pumpkin with new Pumpkin Spice Bottled Iced Coffee. Featuring the fall flavor consumers crave, Pumpkin Spice Bottled Iced Coffee is also available in retail locations nationwide. Dunkin’ Donuts offers one of the largest menus of pumpkin choices of any national restaurant chain, with popular seasonal items including Pumpkin flavored Hot and Iced Coffee, Lattes, Cappuccinos, Frozen Coffee and Cold Brew Coffee; Pumpkin Muffins, Donuts and MUNCHKIN donut hole treats; and Pumpkin flavored K-Cup pods and packaged coffee.

The Coca-Cola Company and its bottling partners have been manufacturing and distributing pre-packaged Dunkin’ Donuts branded bottled beverages since the beginning of 2017. The bottled Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee beverages are made according to Dunkin’ Donuts’ specifications using high-quality Arabica coffee blends with real milk and sugar, delivering the quality and great taste that millions of Dunkin’ Donuts guests have come to expect from the brand’s signature iced coffee served at its restaurants worldwide. Dunkin’ Donuts pre-packaged branded bottled Iced Coffee beverages include Original, Mocha, Espresso, French Vanilla and Cookies & Cream flavors.

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