This summer, Dunkin’ is serving fans a new way to run and spike on Dunkin’. The brand Tuesday unveiled a collaboration with Spikeball, the roundnet equipment manufacturer bringing people together through competition and fun, to introduce the Limited-Edition Dunkin’ Spikeball Kit. The Dunkin’ inspired set serves as the perfect crossroads between tantalizing tastebuds and sensational summer fun, allowing Dunkin’ devotees to have a ball, Dunkin’ style.

The Dunkin’ Spikeball Kit includes a signature Spikeball net and two game balls in Dunkin’s iconic pink and orange colors. Fans can score the kit exclusively at starting today, July 20, for $125. The limited-edition collaboration is available for a limited time, while supplies last, so fans should act quickly to earn major points with their crew before the next rally and avoid striking out.

This collaboration marks the first time Spikeball has teamed up with a quick service restaurant to create a branded kit. The game of Spikeball, or roundnet, is typically played between two teams of two and can be set up on grass, sand, or indoors. Once the ball is served and the point begins, ‘ballers, or players, have three alternating touches to return the ball to the net and are allowed free reign to move and hit in any direction. The object of the game is to hit the ball off the net in such a way that the opposing team cannot successfully return it.

According to Annie Smith, Manager, Strategic Partnerships at Dunkin’, “The fast-paced, exciting energy of Spikeball perfectly matches the energy and enthusiasm that the Dunkin’ colors and brand represent to our fans. Like a guest’s go-to Dunkin’ brew, the Limited-Edition Dunkin’ Spikeball Kit is the perfect Dunkin’ accessory to accompany every summer adventure.”

“Spikeball fans, especially collectors, LOVE new limited-edition sets,” says Nick Gonzales, VP of Marketing at Spikeball. “Each new launch raises the bar so we couldn’t ask for a better partner than the one and only Dunkin’.”

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