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    Dunn Bros Helps Nonprofits Survive Recession

  • Industry News October 27, 2008
    Dunn Bros Coffee has created a program that combines eCard technology with coffee to generate funds for organizations that may be suffering under harsh economic pressures. The Dunn Bros Coffee Community Giving Program is a way for individuals who are part of an organization to consume coffee products and simultaneously benefit that organization financially--something that few people would argue with.

    Not only will the program aid small community organizations, but larger non-profit organizations have the opportunity to earn substantial funds from this as well. Through the use of this technology, participating organizations will earn 10 percent on all coffee and beverage purchases made by their supporters. Many companies have been working diligently to separate themselves from their competition and grow sales even in a declining economic environment. Since each Dunn Bros Coffee location is independently owned, the participating store owners will be donating the money generated by sales of an organization’s members at each location.

    “Not only does this reflect a significant financial investment by Dunn Bros Coffee store owners in the many communities they serve,” says Chris Eilers, president of Dunn Bros Coffee, “it is a way to build partnerships with local and national organizations and offer a superior product that gives much more than just a caffeine boost.”

    Applications for the Dunn Bros Coffee Community Giving Program are now being accepted with the program launch taking place in mid-November. It is free to participate and gives consumers the perfect reason to continue to enjoy coffee beverages and beans while benefitting the organizations that are meaningful in their lives. There has been a major shift toward conscious consumerism and this giving program epitomizes that way of thinking. For more information regarding the Dunn Bros Coffee Community Giving Program or to download an application visit