Dunn Brothers Coffee, the nearly 40-year-old Minneapolis-based brand famed for freshly roasting its globally sourced single-origin green beans daily in its coffee shops, announced its Dunn Dirty’s line. This marks a strategic reinvention of an existing menu category of the popularized dirty soda trend, currently captivating America’s younger consumer base coast-to-coast. Dunn Brothers worked with its accomplished beverage research and development mixologists to unveil its initial trio of Dunn Dirty’s options.

Available for a limited time, Monday, June 3, through the end of the summer, the line-up reflects the quality and tastes its customers treasure, but with a soda sweetness that will resonate with Gen Z and Gen Alpha, while also appealing to its current coffee loving customers.

The hand-crafted, made-to-order Dunn Dirty’s create the perfect blend of classic soda flavors with creamy coffee and fruity elements. The three offerings in the Dunn Dirty’s collection are:

●      Dunn Dirty

○        Pepsi blended with smooth nitro cold brew coffee, enhanced by the sweet, buttery notes of salted caramel and topped with a luscious soft whip.

●      Dr’d Up

○      Dr. Pepper blended with creamy coconut milk and a hint of tropical coconut.

●       Wild Dew’d

○      Mountain Dew base combined with the tropical flavors of mango, strawberry, and peach, finished off with creamy coconut milk.

“Our commitment to menu innovation is a top priority, and we believe these new drink offerings open up a few new customer categories for us…plus we know our longtime loyalists will want to give them a try,” said Scott Harvey, president of Dunn Brothers Coffee. “With distinctive flavors and ingredients that complement our existing menu, we are confident everyone will love these offerings so much it’ll become part of their Dunn Brothers Coffee repertoire.”

Dunn Dirty’s will be available at all Dunn Brothers Coffee locations. Customers are encouraged to visit their nearest store to try these exciting new beverages and experience the creative flavors firsthand while they last. Plus, all summer long on Instagram and Facebook, Dunn Brothers Coffee will be doing Dunn Dirty’s giveaways to continue to build excitement throughout the season.

“We’re keeping things fresh, providing a new reason to come to our shops more often,” said Alexis Gillette, VP of Marketing at Dunn Brothers Coffee. “The Dunn Dirty’s are a perfect way to celebrate the summer season with our unique take on one of America’s favorite new drink trends.”

The Dunn Dirty’s collection is debuting at a time when Dunn Brothers Coffee is experiencing remarkable momentum. The 50-plus unit brand recently announced ambitious expansion plans, aiming to grow from its home base in the Twin Cities to an additional 250 locations over the next five years through franchising. Additionally, the brand is set to open more than five new stores in the coming months, including a drive-thru-only model to cater to on-the-go customers. Further solidifying its growth, Dunn Brothers Coffee recently launched a new line of packaged coffee beans and K-Cups in Minneapolis grocery stores.

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