This year, Dutch Bros. Coffee’s February 14 Dutch Luv Day tipped the scales with 205,322 pounds of food collected — more than double last year’s total — for food banks across seven states.

All 195 Dutch Bros. Coffee locations participated, offering customers drink specials in exchange for minimum canned food contributions.
Dutch Bros. franchisees everywhere reported their highest totals ever, a testament to the goodness of Dutch Bros. customers and communities.
“My community really rallied together, and we raised 2,300 pounds of food for the Evergreen Pantry Project!” reports East Vancouver franchisee Jessica Chudek. “The people running this project were in tears about how many students' families would benefit from this food drive.”
Sharre Whitson of the Redding Good News Rescue Mission says, “This is one of the largest food drives we have ever had by a business. Dutch Bros. Redding collected 5,980 pounds of food!”
“Central Oregon collected 7,020 pounds of canned food to benefit NeighborImpact. Our best year to date!” says Kaelyn Costa, Dutch Bros. Central Oregon marketing manager.
Carrie Wall, franchisee for Lacey, Washington, says, “It was a landslide blow-out this year! We are so completely stoked on our poundage! Last year we did around 700 pounds, and this year we did 1,925! Words can’t express how completely grateful I am for our amazing community.”
That same tune of gratitude rang throughout the 94 cities where Dutch Bros. Coffee is located, with local owner-operators everywhere taking joy in the opportunity to team up with customers to help feed hungry friends and neighbors.
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