Dutch Bros has selected Olo, a leading restaurant technology provider, to enable seamless ordering and payment through its mobile app for the first time. Rolling out across all of its locations nationwide, Dutch Bros will deploy Olo Order and Pay to boost operational efficiency at the drive-thru and streamline the ordering and payment experience for guests.

“Our biggest priority is our people,” says Leigh Gower, Chief Technology Officer at Dutch Bros. “As we seek out ways to enhance the drive-thru experience while maintaining our signature people-first culture, we’re thrilled to partner with Olo to offer flexible mobile ordering and payment options for our widespread customer base. This combination of digital and personal interaction will unlock massive opportunity for our brand as we continue to deliver on our core values of speed, quality, and service on our path to 4,000 shops.”

Anticipating availability brand-wide by the end of this year, Dutch Bros digital ordering and payment capabilities will empower guests with the ability to order and pay for their favorite beverages before arriving at the drive-thru from their own mobile device. Not only will this appeal to guests seeking speed and convenience, but it will also expedite the transaction process for employees. For added ease, Olo’s flexible platform allows payment via Google Pay and Apple Pay in Mobile Wallets. In addition, Olo’s Order and Pay products easily integrate into Dutch Bros’ existing mobile app and Dutch Rewards program, ensuring no interruption to the millions of guests already enrolled.

“Dutch Bros is a beloved brand known for delighting guests with delicious handcrafted beverages on-the-go with total efficiency,” says Noah Glass, Founder & CEO at Olo. “I founded Olo nearly 19 years ago, based on my desire to avoid long lines and grab a quick cup of coffee on my morning commute. It’s great to see brands like Dutch Bros lean into digital innovation to remove friction from the guest experience, speed up operations, and increase team member satisfaction. We’re honored to be Dutch Bros’ partner in powering mobile ordering and payment.”

Dutch Bros is leveraging Olo’s Order and Pay products across seven locations to-date and expects to complete deployment at all of its more than 850 locations across 17 states by the end of 2024.

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