The Eartec EVADE E-Pak and lightweight restaurant headsets are breakthrough “Full Duplex” wireless that will revolutionize the way waiters, managers and kitchen staff communicate. They connect restaurant personnel providing an open line talking pattern. This will ensure that crews can talk in unison just like on a regular telephone, within a 400 yard range.

The EVADE E-Pak is the most dynamic product that Eartec has engineered in our entire 60-year history. This compact full duplex transceiver provides hands free, simultaneous talk communication for staffs up to 9 people. Also included internally is a second RF module that allows use with our Lazer-Pro lightweight wireless headset as well as top rated wireless headset brands.

Lazer-Pro wireless headsets utilize bone conduction technology so that messages are received by vibration through the skin leaving users ears uncovered to monitor the surrounding environment. This versatility accommodates personnel that need discreet communication free of traditional plug-in wired headsets.

Call Eartec @800-399-5994 for expert advice on how this wireless series will increase efficiency and make your business more profitable. Or to order online simply visit and select the parts needed to formulate your very own customized wireless communication system.  Restaurant wait staff headsets, Service Industry wireless.