Partaking in Super Bowl 50 wasn’t the only insane thing to happen to Carolina Panthers’ safety Kurt Coleman this year. He also went head-to-head with fire in East Coast Wings & Grill’s Insanity Roulette challenge.

East Coast Wings & Grill, a North Carolina–based family restaurant with an emphasis on buffalo wings, tapped Coleman, as well as social media celebrity Corey Scherer, to put their taste buds to the test and kick off the franchise’s Insanity Wing Sweepstakes.

Through February 28, guests are invited to participate in the Insanity Wing Roulette challenge at their local East Coast Wings & Grill and post a photo to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook using the hashtag #InsanitySweeps. The game is simple: A single wing of the hottest five heat indices is placed in bowls surrounding a spinner. Each participant takes turns spinning and the winner—or loser—ends up with the insanity wing with a heat intensity of 2 million Scoville units. The best photo or video posted capturing the excitement of the challenge will receive free chicken wings for an entire year. 

Inspired by different cultures—the Caribbean Islands, Tex Mex, Classic American, Asian, Southern barbecue, European, Bayou, and more—East Coast Wings & Grill offers community members dozens of different flavors of chicken wings and choose from nine heat intensities, resulting in hundreds of possible flavor combinations that can be added to most entrees and of course, wings.

“In addition to outstanding food, we like to offer our guests a fun and interactive experience when they visit our restaurants,” says Sam Ballas, CEO of East Coast Wings & Grill. “The Insanity Wing Roulette challenge is one of our favorite ways to engage our loyal customers, and rewarding a lucky guest with free wings for a year is a salute to their bravery.”

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