East Hampton Sandwich Co., locally owned and operated by Hunter Pond who is only 30 years old, opened its first location in Snider Plaza five years ago. Pond’s focus has always been what goes on inside the bun and serving the best ingredients possible.

An important part of East Hampton Sandwich Co.’s business model, is their test kitchen for all new menu items. Pond and his team have intentionally created a new menu that now changes seasonally four times per year but also keeps the favorites that East Hampton regulars crave.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner each sandwich can be made into a wrap or a salad. Breakfast sandwiches are now breakfast rolls and offer a new item, The Gurney’s Special: egg, American cheese, hash brown and white truffle hot sauce.

The new lunch/dinner menu includes but is not limited to impressive options like the: Polo Club Pesto with herb-roasted chicken, sun-dried tomato spread, mozzarella, shaved purple onion, fresh pesto, Italian seasoning and basil aioli; Lemon Caprese with thick Roma tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil, arugula, balsamic glaze drizzle & house lemon mayo; Prosciutto De Parma with warm prosciutto, hillside goat cheese, shaved green apple, dressed arugula, candied fig jam & balsamic glaze; Goat Cheese + Avo with Hillside goat cheese, roasted carrots, avocado, greens, onion, Roma tomato & red pepper aioli and Sidewalk Patty Melt with classic thin patties, Seagram’s white American cheese, Neuske’s bacon, arugula, pickles & house 1000 isle sauce.

Some old favorites that are back and better than ever: Buffalo Bleu Chicken with tossed fried chicken, arugula, gorgonzola, Neuske’s bacon & Hampton’s house ranch; Lobster Grilled Cheese with 1/4 lb of Atlantic lobster knuckles + claws, shaved havarti & American cheese, sriracha dijionaise.

All new sides are a Summer Slaw, Arugula Salad, Seasonal Fruit (pineapple with fresh mint for summer) and Potato Salad.

The kids menu Fluffernutter is back along with a brand new kids Cheeseburger as well.

And finally, those addictive donuts “Charlie’s Donuts” have always been a hit with the Cinnamon Sugar flavor but new ones include Chocolate (chocolate filling + powdered sugar) Strawberry (strawberry filling + powdered sugar) and Blueberry (blueberry filling + powdered sugar).

Aside from creating a new menu, the culinary team has been working hard to reignite guests tastebuds with a new LTO (Limited Time Only) program. This program highlights the cheffy elements to the restaurant and begins with debuting the IL Soprano – spicy capicola, prosciutto de parma, country styled ham, smoked provolone, Italian herbs, arugula, Roma tomato, hot giardiniera, pesto aioli with a summer tomato vinaigrette. Check on social pages or in-store for updates. East Hampton Sandwich Co. makes all sauces in-house, roasts meats in-house, buys premier bread made from a local bakery and has a chef at each location. As if that wasn’t enough, a culinary director is over the entire operation.

East Hampton Sandwich Company opened shop in 2012, after founder Hunter Pond realized his penchant for flavorful, perfectly prepared sandwiches outweighed his commitment to the law degree he was pursuing. He switched gears and fully dedicated himself to developing the ingredients, condiments and sauces that have come to distinguish this charming neighborhood spot, which prepares everything that goes between the bread from scratch, in-house. Partnering with like-minded, quality-driven bakeries to provide exceptional baked goods, Pond opened the first location in Dallas’s Snider Plaza, earning glowing reviews and a fast-growing base of loyal customers. East Hampton Sandwich Co. now has ten locales, each serving up beautiful sandwiches in its community of discerning diners.

East Hampton Sandwich Co. now boasts eight locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and two in Houston, Texas.

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