Charles Zhang, founder of Pick Up Stix, a growing chain of Chinese wok’d fresh quick-service restaurants, and Carl Karcher, founder of Carl’s Jr. restaurants, joined forces to the benefit of the Providence Speech and Hearing Center of Orange. The center, founded by Margaret-Anne Inman, focuses on aiding those with speech and hearing disabilities. Whether for an adult or a child, the center aides those who have difficulty with those motor skills through the aide of Speech and Language specialties and auditory specialists.

Charles Zhang, Margaret-Anne Inman, and Carl Karcher

Karcher and Zhang both donated $5,000 to the center, a charity on which Karcher has served on the board for 35 years.

The two met again at the Pick Up Stix manager’s meeting, when Karcher spoke to the assembly.

“We were very excited to hear from a man who has built such a successful busines. Although his business is burgers and ours is Chinese, there are many similarities,” explains Pick Up Stix president Charles Zhang.

Karcher, 85, remembers his travels through the restaurant industry as he shared his wisdom with the group of 100 Pick Up Stix managers, assistant managers, and executives. “The store manager is the most important part of your team. Always have pride in yourself and maintain a strong, positive attitude; your guests will remember you and return,” said Karcher. “You must love what you do and feel like you’re contributing. Life is too short not to love what you do. Do things for yourself, think positive and never, never give up!”

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