Easy Ice was selected as part of Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible episode that aired Feb. 15, 2012.

In this Restaurant: Impossible episode, host Robert Irvine traveled to Windham, New Hampshire, to assist Lynn Malone, who owns the Chatterbox Cafe and has poured nearly $500,000 into her business without positive return.

As Chef Irvine was investigating where she’s losing money, one of the things he discovered was Malone’s commercial ice machine was not functional and she had been purchasing bagged ice at a cost of $3000-$5000 per year.

The Restaurant: Impossible production team reached out to Easy Ice for a solution to Malone’s ice supply problem. A state of the art Hoshizaki commercial ice maker was delivered to Chatterbox and Malone was set up with an all-inclusive Easy Ice subscription. Towards the end of the Restaurant: Impossible Chatterbox Cafe episode, Easy Ice technicians are shown installing the ice maker.

The Easy Ice solution was a perfect fit for the Chatterbox Cafe because it follows one of Chef Irvine’s key principles: focus on areas of the restaurant that make a difference for the customer and help the restaurant owner reign in unnecessary costs.

"Our experience with Easy Ice was as smooth and seamless as I could imagine working with a vendor on Restaurant: Impossible  Easy Ice's services provide a miracle solution for restaurants," says Justin Leonard, associate producer of Restaurant: Impossible.

“It’s not uncommon to see business owners spend far too much money on their ice supply. Commercial ice machines can be fickle and expensive to repair leading owners like Lynn to purchase bagged ice at a premium price. Our all-inclusive solution guarantees the ice maker’s performance. And if it’s broken, we provide food-quality bagged ice at no cost,” says John Mahlmeister, Easy Ice vice president.

“Putting Lynn on the Easy Ice subscription plan will save her thousands of dollars this year alone,” Mahlmeister adds.

“The after-tax cost of the Easy Ice subscription will be less than $2.50 per day."

Easy Ice is the only national company that guarantees the lifetime performance of commercial ice machines with an end-to-end solution that requires no purchase or long-term lease. Easy Ice has a comprehensive offering (subscription) that includes Hoshizaki commercial ice machines (manufactured in U.S.A.), all repairs and preventative maintenance, free replacement ice, water filters, flexible no-penalty cancellation and more for a fixed monthly fee.

Food Network’s No. 1 rated program, Restaurant: Impossible, hosted by famed chef Robert Irvine, takes struggling restaurants and makes changes towards their success in just 48 hours and with only $10,000. Chef Irvine’s resourcefulness, ingenuity, and empathetic nature gives hope to struggling restaurant owners.

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