From Wednesday, February 11 to Saturday, March 28, visitors to Erbert and Gerbert’s will be able to enjoy the bounty that Neptune provides, sans that whole wrath business. The sandwich restaurant will be making its Neptune sandwich available to hungry scallywags wherever an Erbert and Gerbert’s shop is moored.

Made with succulent, cold-water lobster mixed with curtido, Hellmann’smayonnaise and a hint of lemon, along with romaine lettuce on a stoneground, hand-stretched naan flatbread, the Neptune can be netted for $7.29.

“The Neptune is a perfect fit among our Apollo and Titan sandwiches,” says Erbert and Gerbert’s director of marketing Chuck Schwalbe. “Guests have enjoyed our previous limited time menu offerings in a big way and it’s clear with the Neptune that that’s a trend that’s going to continue. We’re excited to be providing yet another new menu choice that stands to be our best yet.” 

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