Eco-Products is offering a new line of clamshells, cups, lids, cutlery, bowls and containers that meet requirements of a new Colorado labeling law taking effect July 1.

All of the innovative products in the new Veridian line display the word “Compostable,” feature the BPI Certification Mark signifying that the material is compostable, and include green or brown identification markers like tinting and striping to further differentiate them from non-compostable packaging.

This makes the new line compliant with Colorado’s new Compostable Product Labeling Act.

“Veridian products are all clearly recognizable as compostable,” says Wendell Simonson, Director of Marketing at Eco-Products. “That simplifies life for foodservice operators and their customers, and helps to ensure composters get the ‘clean,’ contaminant-free organics stream they need.”

Contamination in waste streams — which happens when non-compostable items are tossed into the compostables bin — continues to vex composters. That is slowing the growth of composting infrastructure that processes food scraps and packaging together. The result is that food scraps go into landfills, contributing to climate change as the food waste decomposes and produces methane.

The new Colorado law is designed to prevent that. It requires certain products labeled as compostable to be certified as compostable and clearly marked as such. Producers of non-certified products are banned from using misleading labeling that could falsely imply the products are compostable.

Eco-Products’ Veridian line was tested and certified by BPI, the leading authority on compostable products in North America. The innovative line features over 50 items including cold cups and lids, hot cups and lids, clamshells, deli containers, portion cups, salad bowls and cutlery.