Edible Arrangements is making it easier for customers to locate stores and to place and track orders from their smartphones with the upcoming release of a new, customized mobile website.

“Now it’s easier than ever for our customers to find the nearest Edible Arrangements location or place orders while on the go,” says Kaitlin Reiss, Edible Arrangements vice president of e-commerce.

“More than half the sales for our stores come from our website, and our research showed that one in five of the users hitting our website were doing so from a mobile device. We wanted to make their online experience as simple as possible.”

The new mobile website does just that. Customers who log on to Edible Arrangements.com from a mobile phone are automatically redirected to the new mobile website. A simplified, intuitive menu bar and interface makes selecting and ordering arrangements quick and easy.

Thanks to GPS integration, users can also find the nearest store simply by allowing their phone to identify their current location, or by typing in their zip code.

“Our mobile website does everything customers have come to expect of a site they view on their smartphone–simplified browsing and ordering, locating a store, and contacting us via our new mobile site are lighting fast and incredibly simple,” Reiss says. “And since the Edible Arrangements experience is totally unique, we knew our mobile website had to do a lot more than just the basics.”

The mobile website, which took more than a year to test and develop, works with iPhone, Android, and other popular mobile devices. It was designed and produced by software company Netsolace, Inc., which was founded by Edible Arrangements founder and CEO Tariq Farid.

Reiss says Edible Arrangements considered other options, including off-the-shelf products, but ultimately decided that Netsolace was best positioned to create a customized program, because the company had already developed the current Edible Arrangements website, which would guarantee seamless integration between the two.

“We believed Netsolace was in the best possible position to help us make sure that our new mobile website reflected the incredible experience of shopping with Edible Arrangements,” Reiss says.

“A lot of different groups within our company, from marketing to operations to e-commerce, provided valuable input on this project as well. As a result, we are confident that our mobile website will deliver significant benefit to our customers, and to our franchisees.”

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