DTT announced a partnership with multi-unit Edible Arrangements franchisee, Dennis A. Jolicoeur, with Lauden Corporation. DTT is a leader in digital surveillance solutions and managed loss preventions services for hospitality and retail and will be implementing technology in all Lauden store locations this month.


“Right from the start, the partnership with DTT has been terrific. The fact that they were able to upgrade an old CCTV system and install audio for us so that we can address concerns about customer service and upselling is a life saver,” Jolicoeur says. “My previous surveillance setup was definitely not doing anything for me except collecting dust. With DTT’s services, I now have a much better grasp of my operation overall. I don’t have to worry about what could happen while I am away on vacation, because DTT’s Loss Prevention team keeps a close eye on my staff and daily operations. Additionally, I can log in anywhere with an internet connection to check all my stores on DTT’s enterprise portal. I am a big fan of the audio service too, which I plan to use for retraining our staff on customer service and upselling when necessary. Recently, an ex-employee of ours snuck in and burglarized one of our locations. I am very grateful for DTT’s support team, who were able to quickly help our manager secure the video footage of the incident and provide this evidence to authorities.”


“We have had great success venturing into the specialty retail space and are very proud to be able to support the Edible Arrangements franchise community. Our systems will help to improve gross margin and net profitability, increase employee productivity, and improve customer service. Dennis and his team have been so great to work with and we look forward to expanding our relationship with the Edible Arrangements brand nationally,” says Thomas Moran, EVP of sales and marketing for DTT.

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