In response to the growing number of citizens being asked to remain in their homes or limit travel, Edible today announced it is eliminating fees for same day delivery. In addition, many Edible locations will begin offering free home delivery of fresh fruit and produce.

“Even though large gatherings are not happening, we recognize that many smaller events and celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries are still going on,” said Edible President Cheikh Mboup. “We want to make it as easy as possible for people to continue celebrating special occasions, even during this stressful time.”

The ability to order fresh fruit and produce in bulk is designed to alleviate concerns in several areas.

“There are many people who are not able to go to their local supermarket, may be afraid to go out, or may have a loved-one somewhere who is sick or stuck at home. This will help alleviate those issues by allowing people to order fresh fruit and other produce and have it delivered directly to their home,” Mboup said.

Varieties of fruit and other produce available for delivery will vary from store to store depending on what is available in each market.

Free same-day delivery will be available for any orders place by 3 p.m. No timeframe has been set for how long these changes will be in place.

“Right now we are like everyone else,” Mboup said. “We are monitoring the situation,  remaining flexible and doing what we can to help our friends and neighbors lead as normal a life as possible.”

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