Edible posted a record Mother’s Day week, fulfilling over 700,000 orders and making over 550,000 deliveries. The record-setting performance represented a 36 percent increase from last year and included some of the highest sales days in the history of the brand. The company credited the emotional connection that the organization continues to create during the pandemic as a reason for business growth that has escalated for the last eight weeks and shows no signs of slowing down.

“The performance of Edible has always had a strong correlation with the way people are feeling across the country,” says Edible Founder/CEO Tariq Farid. “The first couple of weeks after Covid-19 were definitely challenging. But the nation has rallied together, and there seems to be a renewed sense of optimism. People are celebrating again and, when they do, they turn to Edible. We’ve seen that in our sales results.”

This year’s orders and deliveries included Edible’s signature Mother’s Day arrangements alongside strong sales of a first-ever “Songs for Mom” album, featuring 12 recording artists in a one-of-a-kind gift collection. The milestone weekend followed same-store sales that rose 61 percent in April, the single biggest month of same-store sales growth in company history.

Farid attributes the network’s strong performance to the role the brand has played in helping consumers celebrate special occasions safely and connect with their loved ones. “What we’ve seen is that the Edible brand is almost like a leading indicator for consumer sentiment,” he says. “When people are hopeful and when they feel like sharing that hope with others, that’s when Edible is most relevant. And that was definitely the case over Mother’s Day.”

Results were not only driven by online ordering but by stronger than expected foot traffic. “We’re delighted that consumer demand is rebounding,” Farid adds. “And I’m very proud of the way our franchisees have responded to meet this demand while also implementing all the safety restrictions the government has required.”

While moms took center stage this past Sunday, Edible has seen an uptick across categories. From birthdays and anniversaries to the countless high school and college graduates who are crossing a virtual stage, Edible is experiencing an unprecedented rise in orders to help recognize others, especially when people cannot do so in person.

Meanwhile, giving back continues to be just as important as giving for the Edible organization. Edible franchisees in countless cities and states have worked tirelessly to donate thousands of free treats to hospital workers, first responders, and more for their selfless work in helping the world move forward.

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