Edible announced today its partnership with a top consumer packaged goods company specializing in licensing for leading quick-service restaurant concepts. The new found relationship between the two companies will increase Edible’s global presence through product distribution, starting with a collection of Cheesecake Bite flavors. 

As the world’s leader in the gifts and treats category for 20 years with more than 1,000 locations globally, Edible is breaking into a new distribution sector with its first ever licensed product. Set to reveal the newest offering amid a wave of strong company innovation, Edible will introduce delicious Cheesecake Bites. Making their retail premiere in specialty retail stores and grocery markets across the nation, the eight-count chocolate covered Cheesecake Bites will be available in four decadent flavors: NY Signature, Berry, Chocolate and Espresso. Wish Foods, LLC is partnering with Edible as its licensed product partner to make this desirable dessert possible in retail environments.  

“Our industry reputation for innovation has never been stronger, and companies nationwide are recognizing the value an Edible partnership can provide,” says Patricia Perry, vice president of franchise development at Edible. “For decades, we’ve rolled out the highest quality e-commerce and in-store products that have captured the attention and tastebuds of our customers. Licensing our very own Edible Cheesecake Bites was a logical next step for our brand as we set out to expand the reach of our treat line. Wish Foods, LLC is the perfect partner in helping make our premier product even more accessible to our customers in retailers across the country—it’s just the beginning of what will surely become a productive revenue stream for the brand.” 

The indulgent, bite-sized cheesecakes are covered in rich chocolate, resulting in an elegantly-finished dessert. Made with premium ingredients, each cheesecake is only 90 calories. These tasty treats are permissibly indulgent, not to mention the packaging is freezer friendly sized, and the portion size is made for sharing.  

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to join forces with Edible,” says Michael Shelley, Managing Principal of Wish Foods, LLC. “When you take the quality and convenience of Edible along with their nationally recognized products, and combine it with Wish Foods’ ability to execute with scale, it is a formula for success. We are confident that the similarities between our companies will create a beneficial and lasting partnership for many years to come.” 

There is no stopping Edible’s momentum as its team approaches the mid-way point of 2021. Upholding its title as a leading retailer and e-commerce provider, Edible Bakeshop recently welcomed cupcakes to its roster of treats, which broke its sales goal in three weeks. Additionally, the brand’s store development is on the rise with the opening of its first two ghost kitchens and implementation of its new design in markets across the country. 

Customers and fans of Edible can now find the brand’s Cheesecake Bites in retail stores across the nation. With many exciting partnerships and product rollouts on the horizon, Cheesecake Bites are just the beginning of the brand’s retail footprint and new offerings within Edible stores across the globe. 

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