Following last month’s surge in orders for Edible‘s Fresh Fruit Produce Box, which was introduced to ensure fresh produce could reach customers safely in their homes via the brand’s no-contact delivery practices, Edible has expanded the offering to now include options with vegetables. The brand is now also offering treat bundles that are great for families at home (i.e., the Family Treat Bundle), combining a variety of treat options such as Edible apple donuts, popcorn, dipped fruit treats and more in one delicious package.

“Soon after we introduced our fresh fruit produce boxes, the new product quickly rose to our top seller, reinforcing that this type of delivery is something our customers want and need more than ever right now,” says Edible president and COO Cheikh Mboup. “By expanding our delivery options during this unprecedented time, we’re reminding customers that our priority is providing healthy and convenient solutions for fresh foods in high demand while they remain in their homes.”

Fresh produce boxes and treat bundles start at just $24.99, and free delivery options are also available. Specific produce items and treats available for no-contact home delivery vary depending on what is available in each market.

“People everywhere are looking for ways to provide their families fresh fruit, vegetables and other treats without leaving their home, and it’s our responsibility to help meet those needs with our new boxes and bundles,” adds Mboup. “No doubt, this is a challenging time right now, so we want to make it clear to our guests that we are not only open, but also we will do whatever it takes – including adapting the traditional gifting model at the core of our offerings – to make our services useful to them during this time. We’re grateful to have franchise partners that are making this vision a reality for the many communities we serve across our network.”

No timeframe has been set for how long these changes will be in place.

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