Edible, the world’s largest franchisor of fresh fruit arrangements and all-natural fruit snacks and dipped treats, was named a winner this year for “Most Innovative Product Introduction” in the Product & Services category of Franchise Update Media’s 2020 Innovation Awards.

Edible received this Innovation Award as recognition for the brand’s pivot to expand its product offerings to include fresh produce delivery, an initiative launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With so many people unable to leave their homes to buy groceries, the brand quickly realized there was a bigger need for its services beyond its standard celebratory fruit arrangements and sweet treat boxes.

“Over the course of Edible’s 20 years in business, we have perfected our ecommerce delivery process and have valuable partnerships with suppliers of the freshest fruit and produce worldwide,” said Edible President and COO Cheikh Mboup. “When the COVID-19 outbreak hit the U.S. in early 2020, we decided to put those areas of expertise to use for the greater good by introducing a product line that gave customers what they needed most in these uncertain times. Fortunately, this decision paid off not only in the form of prestigious industry recognition like with the Franchise Innovation award, but it helped our business thrive despite the ongoing crisis.”

Within weeks of introducing the fresh produce boxes to the menu, the brand was selling over 1,500 boxes per week. The demand for produce boxes supported Edible in achieving record-breaking sales throughout the first half of 2020, making the brand a clear winner as a successful innovator in the franchising space.

For this year’s Franchise Update Media Innovation Awards, a jury of seven judges evaluated the innovation, objectives and results of more than 130 entrants. Franchise innovators, game-changers, and disruptors competed in four categories: Marketing & Branding, Products & Services, Operations, and Human Resources. Edible tied for the first place honor of “Most Innovative Product Introduction” in the Products and Services category, placing the brand among just 18 winners chosen this year.

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