Edible’s menu is heating up just in time for summer with the launch of Strawberry Cheesecakes and Strawberry Cupcakes. 

Enhancing the already successful Edible Bakeshop category, which has become a centerpiece for guests who enjoy a sweet and self-indulgent treat, are the new Strawberry flavored Cheesecakes and Cupcakes. Available for Edible guests starting June 15, these delectable flavors will only be offered for a limited time. 

As one of Edible’s most popular fruits, strawberry was the perfect flavor to bring to the lineup for the brand’s iconic cheesecake and cupcake categories. The demand for the delicious new items will be high as each decadent dessert is packed with flavor. The Strawberry Cheesecake is made with real, whole strawberries that are whipped into Edible’s signature cheesecake batter with a chocolate cookie crumb crust. Equally as mouthwatering, the Strawberry Cupcake has a buttery vanilla cake batter with a strawberry filling and is finished off with an airy, whipped strawberry frosting, and both products are Kosher certified. These items will be featured in the brand’s current boxes and platters. 

As the leader in the gifts and treats category for 20 years, Edible is familiar with the demand for unique dessert options, especially in the summer months, and the brand always delivers. From the renewed and regrowing popularity of its smoothies—made with fresh fruit and available all year round—to the debut of its first ever licensed retail product with Cheesecake Bites to its ever-expanding Edible Bakeshop category, the desire to provide guests with an un-matched menu never waivers for Edible. 

“The Edible Bakeshop continues to evolve and with its growing product offerings, it has become a leading source of revenue for our stores,” says Cindy Mockler, VP of Innovation at Edible. “The demand for baked treats is immensely high and we’re aiming to continue meeting this demand with creative product rollouts like these strawberry LTO desserts. Following what we anticipate to be a popular sales month for the Edible Bakeshop specifically, we’re eager to reveal even more special offerings and exciting partnerships later this year.” 

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