Edible expanded its corporate staff from 150 to 190 team members since March, reflecting a 27 percent increase in staff to support a growing demand for Edible’s products and services during the pandemic.

New hires include additions to both the Edible team as well as to Netsolace, the technology solutions arm of Edible Brands. Many of the new roles now filled through these staff increases are in the information technology, eCommerce and franchise development departments, which have all experienced significant growth over the past year.

“In the midst of this global health crisis, Edible customers have relied heavily on our support center and our franchise system to deliver essential, nutritious products as well as our signature gifts,” says Tom Horn, Vice President of Human Resources of Edible Brands. “As a result, we have consistently surpassed our sales records while introducing innovative new products on a nearly monthly basis. We’ve had to significantly expand our team in order to support and sustain our systemwide growth, and we plan to continue this hiring surge by increasing our corporate team by at least another 25% in the coming months.“

Horn added that the newest members of the corporate team have added new levels of talent and experience that have made an immediate impact on the growing organization.

Among the new Edible executives are Kara Rich as Director of Licensing, Naheed Adil as Project Director and Isyol Cabrera as Director of Real Estate and Construction. Executive additions to the Netsolace team include Andrew Soltis as Informational Technology Director and Joseph Reiter as Director of Products.

In addition to expanding its corporate team, Edible franchise owners are in the process of growing their teams as well as seasonal hiring is projected to create up to 10,000 holiday positions across Edible stores in the United States and Canada. Furthermore, as many as 30 new Edible stores are scheduled to open and will be looking to onboard staff in the coming months as a result of the brand’s accelerated franchise development growth.


“We are grateful and proud that we are able to provide new job opportunities at a time when the national unemployment rate is so high,” says Horn. “As we continue to grow our business, we intend to continue contributing to the global economy with even more staff increases in the coming months and years.”

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