Leading hospitality loss prevention provider DTT announces a new partnership with Ed’s FastBreak, a 20-unit convenience store brand. Part of Ed Staub & Sons Petroleum, FastBreak is a local operation with stores throughout Oregon and Northern California. A deal signed in July 2015 named DTT as FastBreak’s exclusive surveillance and loss prevention provider.

Initially, FastBreak was in the market for a provider that would help monitor and increase employee upselling. DTT’s audio module, installed at all POS registers, has significantly aided this effort as well as benefitted overall customer service practices. The brand also utilizes triggers for the cooler, safe, and back door at various locations, helping to prevent theft in addition to enforcing operational procedures.

“Since implementing DTT, we’ve seen a huge difference in overall efficiency and verification of events,” says Jeff Chase, controller/director of convenience store operations for Ed Staub. “Using video footage, FastBreak has been able to combat several worker’s comp claims and mitigate theft, including drive offs at the pump. The SmartAudits are incredibly useful—much more so than I originally thought they would be. It turns out that I was far too trustworthy of some employees, evidenced by data from the POS integration. Now I can easily identify when cashiers are stealing, since they’re ringing up unnecessary voids. We also rely on the system now for upselling and customer service. Overall, DTT has been extremely valuable for our organization.”

“It’s wonderful to see a customer get such value from a tool when they are not expecting it, says Tom Moran, executive vice president of sales and marketing for DTT. “It can be a challenge to show clients what they can anticipate from DTT but FastBreak is a great example of how our system can impact an operation. Combined with POS integration, the SmartAudits are so powerful when it comes to catching transactional integrity issues and fraud. We’re excited to see even further impact on the FastBreak enterprise in 2016.”