Duke Manufacturing Company announced that it was chosen as a provider of product holding units for Denny’s EDGE program, intended to improve the guest experience. The partnership follows extensive in-store testing of Duke’s product holding units, which are designed to deliver better-quality food.

Duke’s patented HEATSINK technology features wraparound heating elements that create even heat transfer to allow food to stay at its “just cooked” peak for 66 percent longer than other holding methods. In addition, the product holding units enhance operational efficiency by reducing, and in most cases eliminating, the need for water.

“We are very excited and proud to be working with the largest and most recognized full-service family restaurant chain in the U.S.,” says Jim Klimt, Duke vice president of sales. “We look forward to providing Denny’s restaurant owners with solutions that will help them deliver the highest quality food by keeping hot foods hot—at the right temperature, texture, and flavor.”

“Duke has consistently delivered equipment solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of the Denny’s diner,” says Carl Ferland, DFA board member and DenSuccess CEO. “Through the allied partner program, Denny’s owners and operators will find a committed and knowledgeable partner in Duke Manufacturing.”

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