Industry News | December 19, 2008

EggNog Goes with Everything

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Just in time for the holidays, Berry Chill introduces Egg Nog, a limited-edition chilled yogurt.

The all-natural Egg Nog flavored chilled yogurt is only 20 calories per ounce and 100 percent fat free. It also contains live active cultures for improved digestive health--just like real yogurt. Egg Nog chilled yogurt will be available through the beginning of January at all three Berry Chill locations: 635 N. State, 132 N. LaSalle and 500 W. Madison

"We're excited to offer Egg Nog because it's usually such an indulgent holiday treat, only in this case it's low-calorie and non-fat," says Berry Chill founder and yogurteur Michael Farah. "It really is a guilt-free pleasure."