This Saturday, September 15, marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. To honor this important holiday, El Pollo Loco is running a series of four full-page ads over the next four weeks in the Sunday edition of the Los Angeles Times. The first is above.

These ads are designed to pay reverence and homage to Hispanic Heritage Month while explaining why El Pollo Loco is in a credible position to do so given their Brand DNA and history.

El Pollo Loco wants to encourage every American to recognize and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month because we are a country of immigrants, all of whom have made significant contributions to this country in a multitude of ways.  In our eyes, Hispanic Heritage Month is about the history, the struggles, the accomplishments, the diversity and the power of America. Something all Americans should take pride in.

The remaining three Sunday Los Angeles Times ads will run on the following topics:

Celebrates the fact that 81 percent of El Pollo Loco’s employees are Hispanic and why they aspire to become the Hispanic employer of choice.

Describes how El Pollo Loco is part of the fabric of Los Angeles given that they were born from the neighborhoods that define the city and its Hispanic culture.

The last ad will honor Pancho Ochoa, El Pollo Loco’s founder, and his story. From his humble beginnings in Sinaloa, Mexico all the way to Alvarado street.

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