Irvine-based El Pollo Loco Inc. today announced the debut
of its new Spicy Chicken for a limited time through Dec. 2, 2001.

Famous for chicken that is hand-marinated in special herbs, spices and fruit juices and then flame-broiled
to perfection, El Pollo Loco has a reputation for introducing tasty varieties of its signature chicken. Today, the
Mexican chicken chain unveils a brand new taste sensation that embraces consumers’ growing demand for
bold spicy flavors.

El Pollo Loco’s New Spicy Chicken begins with fresh chicken basted in a special blend of exotic chilies,
spices and lime. The Habanero Chile, originating from the Yucatan region, lends rich tropical fruit flavors
and fiery heat to the chicken. The Ancho Chile, frequently used in traditional mole sauce, contributes bold
flavor and a mild, fruit-like sweetness. The basted chicken is slowly flame-broiled over an open grill by El
Pollo Loco’s expert cooks to produce its rich spicy flavor.

“People are increasingly enjoying bold, spicy flavors reminiscent of authentic Mexican faire,” explained
Margaret Jenkins, vice president of marketing for El Pollo Loco. “Responding to this growing demand, we
took great care to create a winning recipe that delivers the exotic spiciness people crave while remaining
true to the basic flavor of our marinated, flame-broiled chicken.”

El Pollo Loco’s New Spicy Chicken will be available through Dec. 6, 2001. During this time, the chain’s
traditional flame-broiled chicken will also be served, and guests can mix varieties within their order to
accommodate different tastes.

El Pollo Loco will communicate its New Spicy Chicken to consumers in both general and Hispanic markets
through a multimedia campaign launching Oct. 15. Television commercials will capture a family’s delight
when dad brings home El Pollo Loco’s New Spicy Chicken for dinner. The commercials will appear as :15
and :30 second spots in select West Coast markets. El Pollo Loco’s New Spicy Chicken will also be
communicated to both general market and Hispanic consumers through :60 second radio commercials in
select West coast markets.

In addition to television and radio advertising, El Pollo Loco is introducing a wide mix of point-of-purchase
vehicles to debut its New Spicy Chicken. Merchandising components include exterior banners, translites
and drive-thru signage.

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