Elevation Burger, the rapidly growing, fast-casual restaurant serving 100 percent organic, grass-fed, free-range burgers, hit a growth milestone with the opening of its 30th store in Naples, Florida.

The 50-seat Naples location is the second franchise operated by Mario Michetti, who opened his first Elevation Burger franchise in Ft. Myers, Florida, this past January.

Like its Ft. Myers counterpart, the newly opened location will feature the Elevation Burger Super Griddle—an unprecedented system for cooking burgers that matches Elevation Burger’s commitment to high-quality, freshly made product with the friendly convenience of quick-service restaurants that deliver food within a predictably short time. 

The Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine complements the Super Griddle and serves more than 100 brands including 70 low/no-calorie options.    

“We are thrilled that our Naples location marks the 30th Elevation Burger location and hope to add eight to 10 more stores in the area over the next few years,” says Sean Rowland, director of operations. “We have just begun to tap into the potential the Southern Gulf Coast offers, and we are proud to bring the better-tasting, better-for-you burger to Naples.”

Elevation Burger prides itself on an “elevated” experience and a fresh approach that puts people and product ahead of profit.

The franchised chain offers many healthier alternatives to standard fast-food choices, including two variations of a veggie burger, lettuce-wrapped burgers, non-processed 6 month–aged Cheddar cheese, and cookies made with organic butter and eggs. 

Elevation Burger is also the only better-burger restaurant to feature organic, hardwood-smoked, uncured bacon on its menu.

The organic food and beverage segment has experienced 9.5 percent annual growth in 2011 alone, growing from a $1 billion market in 1990 to an estimated $31.5 billion market in 2011, according to the Organic Trade Association. 

Elevation Burger has been recognized as the nation's first organic hamburger chain since opening its original location in 2005.

It has been recognized as one of the most innovative burger chains in the country, with AOL Small Business calling Elevation Burger the “Next Big Chain,” and The Food Channel dubbing it one of the “up and comers” in the emerging better-burger category.

Of the thirty Elevation Burger locations, 26 are located in the United States and four are located internationally.

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