Industry News | July 11, 2012

Elevation Burger Serves Up Gluten-Free French Fries

For the parents and caregivers of children who suffer from food allergies, finding an affordable restaurant that serves gluten-free and tasty menu items that kids will eat can be a daunting task.  In addition to serving premium, 100 percent USDA-certified organic and 100 percent grass-fed beef, Elevation Burger is the only national chain that serves gluten-free French fries cooked in heart-healthy olive oil.

According to the Food Allergy Initiative, an estimated 15 million Americans, including one in every 13 children, have at least one food allergy. Elevation Burger is doing its part to accommodate these guests by providing gluten-free options such as its fresh fries and lettuce-wrapped burgers. 

The franchise prides itself on an elevated experience and a fresh organic approach that puts people and product ahead of profit. Elevation Burger offers many healthier alternatives, including two variations of a veggie burger, non-processed six-month aged cheddar cheese, and cookies made with organic butter and eggs. 

Elevation Burger is also the only better burger restaurant to feature organic, hardwood-smoked uncured bacon on its menu, and has been recognized as the nation's first organic hamburger chain since opening its original location in Falls Church, Virginia, in 2005. 


Since when to potatoes have gluten anyway? This restaurant is supposed to get credit for serving good the way it actually is in nature, I guess...

No clue what other restaurants do to their fries, but, uh. yeah. French fries don't have gluten to begin with. It'd be nice to really address the issue of food allergies as they pertain to eating out (my daughter is allergic to both wheat and dairy - easy to deal with at home, a real pain when we're out and about).What's next, gluten-free water? Dairy-free ketchup?

Sometimes fries are battered or have weird additives, but more importantly, they're often fried in a fryer that also fries battered items (chicken strips, onion rings, etc).I'm assuming your daughter's allergies might not be so severe that you've noticed a reaction in this manner, but some of us really do react from fryer cross contamination.

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