Elevation Burger, known for its organic, grass-fed burgers and recognized as one of the most innovative burger chains in the country, recently debuted the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine in its Falls Church, Virginia, location. The machine displays the latest technology from Coca-Cola, dispensing 106 sparkling and still beverage brands from a single freestanding unit. 

In addition to its organic beverage options, Elevation Burger chose the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine as a way to satisfy all guests and offer a larger range of choices. Options include regular and low-calorie sparkling beverages, flavored waters, sports drinks, lemonades, and Coca-Cola sodas. Guests can serve themselves via an interactive touch-screen on the front of the fountain.    

"The Freestyle unit offers a wide array of healthier options, which include more than 50 low-calorie products, 60 non-carbonated drinks, and 70 non-caffeinated options. The Freestyle unit puts more dietary control into the hands of our guests," says Elevation Burger's founder and CEO Hans Hess.  

As the nation's first organic hamburger restaurant, Elevation Burger plans to stay ahead of the curve with innovative menu items and practices.  

"We're always trying to provide our guests with the highest quality and best-tasting products in new and original ways. The Coca-Cola Freestyle machine is just one of the many implementations to revolutionize our guests' dining experience at Elevation Burger," Hess says. "The Freestyle is a great step forward, giving our guests additional healthy options at the soda fountain."

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