The growing demand for healthier menu choices has led Ellianos Coffee Company to establish the Ellianos Nutritional Panel to research and develop healthy drink alternatives for its health conscious customers.

“The Ellianos Nutritional Panel (ENUP) is part of our Service+1 Corporate Citizenship Program, where we provide world-class service to our customers, and do one better by giving back to the communities in which we work and live.,” says Mick Rynning, president of Ellianos.

Director of Operations, Mike Stewart, also responsible for Ellianos’ Research & Development, adds, “Possibly in response to concerns over the economy, and certainly greater consumer awareness of healthy dining trends, we see a growing consumer demand for products that are both indulgently delicious and nutritionally functional. Meeting our customers’ expectations in these areas, particularly with functional beverage choices, clearly falls under the auspices of Ellianos’ Service+1 Program. It’s very gratifying to me to provide our customers with beverages that are both good tasting and are good for them, as well.”

Nutritional information will be reviewed by board member Caren Brown (RD, LD/N, CDE Dietician, Diabetes Educator at the Diabetes Center of Excellence at Shands Medical System and the University of Florida). Caren holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Florida, and has 30 years experience as a clinical dietitian, with the last eight as a certified diabetes educator.

“I am very happy to be a part of Ellianos’ plans for creating drinks that are both delicious and healthy,” comments Brown. She adds, “We are researching drinks that are healthy in a way that meets the needs of busy, calorie conscious customers who want to start their day with a delicious breakfast beverage that gives them energy all morning or a healthy afternoon pick-me-up.”

Other charter members of the panel include Jessica Rynning, Director of Administration for Ellianos, Christa Pusateri, Marketing Director for Ellianos, Mindy Schaneman, National Sales Consultant for Dillanos Coffee Roasters of Sumner, Washington, and several vendor representatives to advise the Panel on current food and beverage technology strategies.

“I feel honored to be working with such a panel.” says Jessica. “As a Baby Boomer with diabetes, nutrition plays a very important role in my daily life. This is a very exciting time at Ellianos!”

Mindy Schaneman adds, “I feel that it is very important for healthy drinks to be an option for consumers. Consumers often do not get the real story on what they are really putting into their bodies. Ellianos has gone the extra mile to ensure that their consumers are getting the very best when it comes to buying a healthy alternative at one of their drive-thru coffee shops.”

Ellianos Nutritional Panel will be responsible for making nutritional information for all of Ellianos’ drinks available to the public, as well as recommending new product strategies that combine Ellianos’ great tasting drinks with functional nutrition.

Ellianos Coffee Company was founded in Lake City, FL in 2002 by entrepreneur and coffee lover Scott Stewart with the help of his wife Pam and their family. The company has grown to a franchise with 8 locations in North Florida and South Georgia, with signed commitments to develop another three locations.