Ellianos Coffee, a southeast-based drive-thru specialty coffee brand, is ready to ignite the summer season with an exciting promotion called “Going Bananas.” This limited-time promotion will showcase two delightful and refreshing drinks: the beloved Banana Pudding Freezer and the newly introduced Banana Frenzy Edge. These drinks will be available on June 5 at all 36 of its locations.

As temperatures rise, so does the demand for Ellianos’ iconic Banana Pudding Freezer. This delectable frozen treat has been a summertime favorite for years, capturing the essence of a classic dessert in a refreshing beverage.

In addition to the Banana Pudding Freezer, Ellianos is set to surprise its customers with a new addition to their Ellianos Edge lineup – the Banana Frenzy! This limited-time flavor will complement the Banana Pudding Freezer, specifically for those who prefer a non-coffee option or seek a healthier alternative. 

Mallory Pruitt, Executive Director of Ellianos Coffee, comments on the “Going Bananas” promotion: “We are excited to be bringing back the Banana Pudding Freezer and introducing a new Edge drink called Banana Frenzy. The Banana Pudding Freezer has always been a favorite during the summertime, and the Banana Frenzy Edge will be a great option for non-coffee drinkers.”

The Ellianos menu boasts items for the coffee enthusiast and non-coffee drinker alike. Ellianos, known for Signature Creations such as the Cookies and Cream Freezer, Tuscany Toffee Latte, or Venetian Vanilla Breve, also offers fruit smoothies, flavored Red Bull Energy Drink concoctions called Red Bull Rushes, teas, and more.

The popular coffee brand offers an array of food items for those looking for something to eat with their morning cup of coffee or a midday snack. These include hearty Breakfast Bowls with creamy grits, Breakfast Croissant Sandwiches, an assortment of cookies, Chicken Salad Sandwiches, and much more.

Over the past year, the distinguished drive-thru coffee brand has experienced accelerated growth, rapidly expanding its footprint in Florida and Georgia and offering territories in several other states. Ellianos is seeking franchisees for territories in Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

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