Ellianos Coffee, a southeast-based drive-thru specialty coffee brand, has officially opened its doors in Fitzgerald, Georgia. With open arms, Ellianos Coffee welcomes the community to experience exceptional coffee and top-notch service in their brand-new, uniquely remodeled store.

A Familiar Management Team: The Fitzgerald location is proudly owned and operated by the same dedicated management team behind another Ellianos Coffee store in Georgia. Mark and Allison Bell, the owners of the Vidalia store, are teaming up with Allison’s sister and brother-in-law, Abigail and Scott DaRoja, on this new location. Their commitment to quality and service remains unwavering, ensuring that customers in Fitzgerald will enjoy the same exceptional Ellianos experience.

A Unique Look: What sets this location apart is its distinctive appearance. Unlike building from scratch, the Fitzgerald store underwent a remarkable remodeling process. The result is a visually captivating and distinctive coffee shop, where modernity meets the warmth and charm that defines the Ellianos brand.

An Ellianos spokesperson expressed their enthusiasm for this new store opening and the innovative building concept, stating, “We are incredibly excited about our latest location in Fitzgerald, Georgia. The decision to remodel rather than build from the ground up has added a unique touch to this store. We look forward to welcoming and introducing the community to this exciting new concept.”

The Fitzgerald location is now officially open and ready to serve. Whether you’re a devoted Ellianos fan or new to the brand, Ellianos Coffee is eager to become a part of your daily coffee ritual.

The popular specialty coffee brand offers several menu items, including espresso drinks, latte freezers, drip coffee, and more. For non-coffee drinkers, they also serve smoothies, teas, various flavored energy drink offerings called Ellianos Edge, and more. They also serve food items such as hearty breakfast grit bowls, breakfast sandwiches, bagels, cookies, brownies, and chicken salad croissants.

Ellianos has seen sustained franchise growth, expanding its footprint in Florida and Georgia and offering territories in several other states. Ellianos is currently seeking franchisees for territories in Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

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