New York residents and tourists alike have a new and delightful Mediterranean meal option in the Rockefeller Center Concourse with the grand opening of Nanoosh. This fast-casual dining spot offers Mediterranean classic recipes made with fresh, organic, and all-natural ingredients prepared from scratch each day and served in a contemporary welcoming ambiance.

"Nanoosh is proud to open its newest location in the iconic Rockefeller Center Concourse,” says Nanoosh cofounder and executive Chef Hugo Trinquier. “This is an important milestone in Nanoosh’s mission of spreading Mediterranean Goodness. As authentic Mediterranean cuisine takes its place at the table of the best fast-casual dinning experiences, we look forward to opening new locations and accelerating the journey my partners and I started in 2007.”

Nanoosh’s innovative menu features a large variety of nutritious, flavorful, and customized dishes. Nanoosh diners who pick its popular Powerfood Plates start with a base of organic Farro, Quinoa Nanoosh, Power Greens, or Hummus and add a preferred all-natural protein such as Baked Falafel, Chicken Shawa, Tunisian Boiled Egg, and more. The Powerfood Plates finish with a choice of two free toppings such as Organic Mushrooms, Feta Cheese, Mediterranean Salad, Organic Chickpeas, and a sauce such as Green Tahini or Citrus and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dressing. In addition to Powerfood Plates, Nanoosh offers an exciting selection of whole wheat and gluten free Classic Wraps, Traditional Hummus Plates, Signature Sandwiches, and Salads sure to please taste and health conscious diners alike. 

Nanoosh has a deserved reputation for nutrition and excellence in the fast casual space with health promises its customers can sink their teeth into. For example, the brand sources organic ingredients whenever possible and clearly labels them on their menu. Nanoosh uses no preservatives, no additives, and no artificial flavors or fillers. Nanoosh also never fries its food. The brand serves innovative recipes that are baked or marinated instead. Healthy extra virgin olive oil is the only oil Nanoosh uses in their kitchens. Their promise to their customers is simply good food one can feel good about eating. With these healthy differentiators and citywide buzz for good taste, it is no wonder this brand is growing.

Nanoosh will donate all profits from its grand opening event to its partner, Action for Healthy Kids, a nationwide grassroots network mobilizing school professionals, parents and communities in support of school-based nutrition and physical activity programs that lead to healthier schools where kids are healthy, active and prepared to learn.

“Nanoosh is taking their company’s commitment to providing nutritious foods for consumers to the next level by supporting us in the work we do to ensure all kids have access to nutritious foods and physical activity in schools,” says Rob Bisceglie, CEO Action for Healthy Kids

Nanoosh at Rockefeller Center is the brand’s sixth location. This Nanoosh is located in the 30 Rockefeller Center Concourse near the Top of the Rock entrance. The location has seating for approximately 35 people.

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