Year after year, eating healthier, slimming down and getting fit are among Americans' top New Year's resolutions.

As 2012 kicks into full swing, Energy Kitchen – the restaurant chain known for changing the perception that fast food has to be fat food – is making it a little easier for people to stick to their resolutions by slashing menu prices and introducing better-for-you combo meals.

In an effort to help make healthier fast food more accessible, Energy Kitchen has reduced the prices of its main menu items – including burgers, wraps and entrees – by more than 10 percent.

In addition to this price reduction, which went into effect January 1, 2012, Energy Kitchen will introduce "Energize Meals" – value meal combinations featuring a great-tasting burger or wrap, baked fries and a zero calorie beverage – for just $9.99.

"Many times, people's decision to grab a high calorie burger, greasy fries and a sugar laden beverage is a function of lack of willpower or limited choices, but nowadays affordability is a major factor," says Mike Repole, Chairman of Energy Kitchen and Co-Founder of Vitaminwater.

"By lowering prices, Energy Kitchen is helping make healthy food more affordable without sacrificing taste.  And, during a time that many fast food restaurants are raising prices to boost short term profits and accommodate commodity inflation, I'm proud to give people one more reason to choose Energy Kitchen as we focus more on long-term consumer health than short term profitability."

Energy Kitchen's menu boasts items that are all under 500 calories and are grilled, baked or steamed – never fried – and offers only zero-calorie beverages.

In addition to burgers made from lean sirloin, bison, turkey, and chicken, entrees (including grilled salmon and turkey meatloaf), baked fries, smoothies made with non-fat yogurt, steamed vegetables, mashed sweet potatoes, and salads round out the menu.

Energy Kitchen currently operates restaurants in New York, New Jersey, and Florida

Founded by Anthony Leone and partner Randy Schechter in 2003, New York-based Energy Kitchen is a healthy, fast-casual restaurant that provides nutritious and convenient meal choices by offering healthy burgers, wraps, salads, and smoothies. Each menu item is 500 calories or less and is grilled, baked or steamed – never fried – and cooked to order.

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