Espresso roaster and supplier Miscela d’Oro is releasing its new retail line of espresso products to North American restaurateurs in August.

“We believe North Americans have become so well educated about the finer points of espresso, it is now possible to sell an artisan Italian espresso and have consumers really taste the difference,” says Umberto Urbano, master roaster for Miscela d’Oro. “So we have invested in the systems which allow us to bring state-of-the-art canned espresso products in a range of options—including whole bean and pre-ground products.”

Miscela d’Oro’s new retail cans are all vacuum-sealed in the factory and feature espresso in either whole bean or pre-ground formats, as well as a pre-ground decaffeinated espresso. In addition, Miscela d’Oro ships out master cases with a special “quick display” top, so retailers can easily show product without unloading the original packing case.