American cooks can turn to Essential Cane for an assortment of flavored cane sugars produced without preservatives, additives, essential oils, or artificial colors or flavors.

Essential Cane’s new flavors include tangerine, lemon, lime, wild blueberry, raspberry, vanilla bean, espresso, sweet onion, green chili, and many more.

The Essential Cane product line will officially launch at the 2009 Winter Fancy Food Show, which will be held Jan. 18-20 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. However, the sugars are already available in select gourmet specialty stores and grocery stores, such as Whole Foods Markets and Sur la Table.

The sugars can also be ordered by downloading an order form from the Web site ( and faxing it to the company.

“Naturally flavored sugars are one of the top food trends for 2009, and Essential Cane has created the most revolutionary flavored sugars ever developed,” says Mark Zoske, co-founder of Essential Cane. Flavored sugars are sugars that have been combined with spices, fruits, or other flavor mates. Essential Cane sugars contain only two ingredients: the raw organic cane sugar and the whole flavor mate.

“Essential Cane uses ‘whole flavors’ only,” says Gregg Novotny, co-founder. “For example, we use the whole blueberry instead of just a flavoring. Whole flavors are the real deal. These sugars are not neon-colored, refined sugar sprinkles, and the flavors are grown naturally by farmers, not formulated by scientists in a lab. Our sugars get their flavors and colors from the fruit, spice, or vegetable that they are bonded with.”

Essential Cane is a division of FlavorStorm Inc. and began when Mark Zoske and fellow co-founders Gregg Novotny and Naomi Novotny noticed a scarcity of gourmet sugar offerings. They saw it as an opportunity to develop a new high-quality product line.