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    Ever Had a Mongolian Sunburn?

  • Industry News June 30, 2011

    In July, HuHot Mongolian Grills across the U.S.will launch Mongolian Sunburn, the ying and yang of sweet citrus flavors with a tangy and spicy kick, named by one of HuHot’s own Facebook fans.

    With its exciting flavor, all the new Sauce of the Season needed was a name to fit the taste. HuHot ran a month-long Facebook contest to give the fans the chance to both name the sauce and choose the winner.

    With more than 400 name submissions, Mongolian Sunburn burned the competition with 2,100 votes. The winning fan was also the first to taste the sauce at their local HuHot. “Our fans are passionate about HuHot and embraced the opportunity to help name our new Sauce of the Season,” says Andy Vap, CEO. “It’s great to incorporate the fans ideas into the new products we launch.”

    Mongolian Sunburn is not only delicious, but also vegan-friendly. It can be mixed with any of the 20+ sauces available to appeal to any palette. Try it with Not-So-Sweet & Sour to downplay the spicy and kick up the sweet.

    Mongolian Sunburn will be available until the end of September.