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    For Every Super Bowl Touchdown, Score a Free Topping

  • Industry News February 4, 2010
    Papa John’s, the official pizza sponsor of the NFL and Super Bowl XLIV, announced that for every touchdown scored by the winning team in Super Bowl XLIV, customers will receive a free topping on a $9 Papa John’s large cheese pizza, for the three days following the game (February 8–10).

    “For 25 years, we’ve kept the same recipe of fresh never frozen dough for our original hand-tossed pizzas, fresh-packed tomato sauce, cheese made from 100 percent mozzarella, and superior-quality toppings,” says Papa John’s founder and CEO John Schnatter. “We believe better ingredients make a better pizza, and our customers tell us they can taste the difference. We hope for a high scoring game so all of our customers win, with lots of better ingredients at an unbelievably low price.”

    Papa John’s “Toppings for Touchdowns” has scored big among football fans in a number of NFL markets this season, including Indianapolis, Baltimore, Dallas, and Phoenix. Super Bowl XLIV on February 7 marks the first time “Toppings for Touchdowns” will be offered at Papa John’s throughout the country.

    From now through Super Bowl XLIV, Papa John’s will have exclusive offers and deals available online, including its Super XL IV Pizza, an extra-large pizza with up to four toppings for $11.99; and its 1st and 10 Offer, any large pizza for $10.

    Papa John’s has already announced plans for a 30-second advertisement to air during the telecast of Super Bowl XLIV. The integration through NFL Films includes Schnatter making surprise deliveries to people behind the scenes of the game.

    In addition, Papa John’s is supporting a cause-related effort around the Super Bowl called the “Papa John’s Take It to the House Super Bowl Challenge.”

    If either team “takes it to the house” by returning the opening kickoff of the first or second half for a touchdown in Super Bowl XLIV, Papa John’s will donate $1 million to Habitat for Humanity. Even if the challenge is not met, Papa John’s will donate $50,000 to Habitat for Humanity.

    Consumers can help increase the challenge donation by signing up as Papa John’s Facebook fans. If Papa John’s surpasses one million fans on Facebook (currently 765,000+) by kickoff of Super Bowl XLIV, the company will double its donation to Habitat for Humanity: $2 million if a player achieves the “Take It to the House Challenge,” $100,000 if not.
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