Evolution Fresh Green Juices Help Guests Eat Their Veggies

    Industry News | January 6, 2015

    With the start of 2015 and an increasing number of people looking for ways to get vegetables into their diet, Evolution Fresh is offering four varieties of cold-pressed, high pressure processed (HPP) green juice that are made from more than a pound of green vegetables, have 10 grams of naturally occurring sugar or less per eight fluid ounce serving, and have no added flavors or sweeteners: Sweet Greens and Lemon, Essential Greens with Lime, Organic Sweet Greens, and Ginger and Smooth Greens.

    The broad selection of green juices are available to meet the needs of a significant number of consumers trying green juice; a recent Evolution Fresh survey reveals that 43 percent of people in the U.S. have tried green juice.

    “As the demand for green juice continues to grow, we are set apart by what we put into the bottle: juice made from the green vegetables customers want,” says Julie Key, brand marketing director of Evolution Fresh. “A product line-up of variety is essential and with the four cold-pressed green juices made from more than a pound of green vegetables, Evolution Fresh is giving people the goodness they expect from green juice.”

    In fact, an Evolution Fresh study reveals that it’s what is inside the bottle that counts when it comes to green juice. Of those surveyed, 36 percent look for a vegetable as the first ingredient, 38 look for low sugar, and 34 percent look for more vegetables than fruit.

    The “Evolution Fresh Green Juice Habits Study” reveals that:

    ·      More than two in five of those in the U.S. have tried green juice; 43 percent of consumers from coast-to-coast and in between have tried green juice

    ·      Spinach reigns as the new king of green; 58 percent of consumers name spinach as the most important ingredient to have in a bottle of green juice

    ·      Eighty-sixpercent of those who drink green juice look at the ingredients to see what is in their bottle

    ·      Consumers are placing importance on low sugar content (38 percent), seeing a green vegetable listed as the first ingredient (36 percent), and that the bottle in-hand contains more vegetables than fruits (34 percent)

    In addition, as the New Year begins, Evolution Fresh is challenging Americans to rev up their green engines and get into the green routine by drinking one green juice a day for three days with the “3 Days to Green Movement.”

    “This New Year we want to shift the focus from cutting back and restriction to adding something good to your life,” says Jimmy Rosenberg, founder of Evolution Fresh. “Decades of experience has shown me that by drinking one green juice a day for three days your routine begins to change, and it becomes easy to incorporate green juice into your daily diet. Drinking green juice daily has helped guide me to feeling great.”

    Evolution Fresh is rewarding those who take #3DaystoGreen pledge at EvolutionFresh.com/3DaystoGreen and enter the 3 Days to Green sweepstakes with prizes that give a helping hand toward healthy habits. Prizes include one month of free Evolution Fresh cold-pressed juice, workout wear, fitness trackers, and more.

    Since the early days of Evolution Fresh, Rosenberg has worked with a talented culinary team to creatively combine fruits and vegetables into unique juice blends that highlight the natural and nutritional qualities of the produce. Evolution Fresh has a wide assortment of green juice varieties that are cold pressed, HPP processed, and offer a spectrum of flavor options for those looking to make drinking green juice a daily habit. The greenest Evolution Fresh green juices have 10 grams of sugar or less per eight ounce serving, no added flavors or sweeteners and three of the first four ingredients are vegetable juices.

    Sweet Greens and Lemon is a refreshing green juice featuring a medley of green vegetables, a squeeze of lemon, and a touch of sweetness from apple—ideal as an everyday green juice, or for those early in their green juice journey. Essential Greens with Lime is a nutritious green juice with notes of spinach, romaine lettuce, and kale, accented by cucumber, celery, and a hint of lime for a refreshing finish—ideal for the green juice lover. Smooth Greens is a green vegetable and fruit juice blending cool cucumber and leafy greens with pineapple, apple, and mint for a soft and smooth finish—ideal as an everyday green juice and offers variety for green juice drinkers. And Organic Sweet Greens and Ginger is a refreshing green juice blending a medley of green vegetables and crisp apple, finished with a squeeze of lemon and a spicy ginger kick—a 100 percent organic offering and a twist on a consumer favorite.

    Evolution Fresh also has choices for those new to green juice. Coconut Water and Greens is an approachable fruit and vegetable juice that can help introduce the cool flavors of cucumber and leafy greens with refreshing and hydrating coconut water and a splash of sweet pineapple.

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