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    Extreme Growth for One Brand

  • Industry News September 30, 2009
    Extreme Pizza opened its doors to the Northern California community of Newark last week, making this its 12th franchise addition this year.

    It’s one-of-kind restaurant experience is putting it at the top of entrepreneurial lists for investors and other potential franchisees.

    “Despite the sluggish economy that has affected businesses across the board this year, Extreme Pizza is garnering an exceptional amount of interest from potential investors and individual entrepreneurs,” says Jim Ryan, SVP of Franchise Development for Extreme Pizza.

    “Along with delivering high quality food products, our unique store concept and 15 years of solid business experience presents an extremely appealing opportunity to those looking to get behind a successful brand.”

    Extreme Pizza is known for its tasty pizza combinations and its core philosophy: Extreme. Not mainstream.

    The company evolved from a love of “extreme” sports and the theme of their stores is exactly that. Photos of surfers, bikers, skiers, skateboarders and more such athletes “getting extreme” adorn the walls of each location. Customers can enjoy signature pizzas such as The Everest, Wingin’ It, and Pandora’s Box while pushing the limits of extremely delicious eating.

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