Industry News | September 16, 2013

eZee Technosys Launches Customer Feedback System

eZee Technosys, a provider of IT products and services for the hospitality industry, launched a customer feedback system – eZee iFeedback. The online feedback system will allow restaurants to connect and recognize new emerging trends among regular eaters.


For a restaurant to be truly successful and to keep that success constant is matter of adapting the right trends at the right time and keeping up with the ever-changing customer expectations. For that, communication is the key and engaging customers directly is necessary in today’s social media age.

Therefore, it is very important for the restaurants to adapt the right feedback system in the restaurant. eZee iFeedback not only collects the data according to the specific requirements of the restaurant but also breaks down all the data in a comprehensive manner which is easy to understand.


Given the fast-paced environment of restaurants, it can be a daunting task for management or restaurant owners to engage the customers directly. A negative comment or feedback from a customer can spread like a wild fire over the internet through social media and other outlets.


“The customer psyche is very fragile and at times very hard to know what customers expect and want. I believe with eZee iFeedback it will bridge the gap between the restaurants and the customers,” says Vipul Kapoor, co-founder and CTO, eZee Technosys.


Powered with robust features and options, eZee iFeedback will give complete freedom to establishments when it comes to how and when to engage their clients. For example, a user posts a negative feedback; the system will automatically send an alert via SMS or Email to the staff notifying them of the customer’s experience. This gives the restaurant a chance to convert that negative feedback into a positive one before the customer leaves the premises and contain the situation before it can damage the brand.


“I believe it is an inexpensive way to know customers, instead of paying a consultancy or someone else to come and tell you to make changes. eZee iFeedback gives you everything a restaurant need to directly keep in contact with the source that is your own customer,” says Hitesh Patel, co-founder and CEO, eZee Technosys.


In order to capture the most accurate feedback timing is one of the most important factors. It is not only about asking the right questions, it is about asking them at the right time without being intrusive. eZee iFeedback features customizable feedback forms, social media integration, advanced reports, and much more, giving restaurants all the tools required to know the changing trends and moods of customers.

eZee iFeedback will allow owners or management all the tools required to be in constant touch with customers.


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