In October, Facility Solutions, Inc. will celebrate 10 years of success in the restaurant industry. Tom Cullen, CEO and founder of Facility Solutions, leads a team of professionals who manage national rollouts for many of America‟s largest restaurant chains.

Although Cullen is 85 percent deaf, his disability has yet to tamper with his organization or spirit. He relies on face-to-face meetings and lip-reading as his most valuable communication tools.

“When I first met Tom seven years ago, I was unaware of his hearing loss and quite frankly never noticed it,” says Jack McNertney, senior director of facilities, building, and campus services at Darden. “I know it never impacted his willingness to share his passion for our business success and the ideals of his company. His company continues to provide support and leadership for a multitude of capital projects, rollouts, conversions, and surveys.”

Cullen and his team tackle a variety of project and construction initiatives that are driven by customer focus, food quality, and menu selection flexibility. These projects include interior and exterior menuboard upgrades, technology improvements, dining room image refreshes, kitchen remodels, and equipment change outs. Their efforts improve food quality while enhancing sustainable initiatives that promote water and energy savings.

Facility Solutions also designs, manufactures, and specializes in refrigeration equipment that meets current NSF standards while providing a cost effective repair versus replacement.

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