Industry News | November 12, 2011

Famous Dave’s Waves WAND for Digital Menuboard

WAND Corporation, a leading provider of Digital Menuboard solutions for the foodservice industry, was chosen by Famous Dave’s of America, Inc. to be its approved provider of Digital Menu Boards. In addition to Digital POP Boards driving impulse purchases, the solution for Famous Dave’s features Digital Menuboards for the To-Go counter, engineered to enhance the effectiveness and overall awareness of the take-out menu category at some of its 184 nationwide locations.

"We’re very impressed with WAND’s ability to take something as high-tech as digital menuboards and make them blend into our restaurants,” says Victor Salamone, VP of franchise operations and development, Famous Dave’s of America, Inc. “WAND did a tremendous job converting our shack spirit of roadside Americana into a look and feel updated for today’s savvy customers.”

The first WAND Digital solution was installed at a new Famous Dave's restaurant in Falls Church, Virginia, in August of this year.

“This location offers our guests a new store design, incorporating the WAND Digital Menu Board solution,” says Susan Farrington, director of IT. “We look forward to future installations and continued development with WAND.”


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