On January 29th, Farmer Boys Restaurants will introduce two new breakfast items intended to make getting a hearty, high quality breakfast more convenient for today’s “on the go” lifestyle. The new Farmer’s Go Bowls include The Farmhand Bowl, piled high with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, fresh veggies, cheddar cheese and hash browns, and The Sausage, Biscuit and Gravy Bowl, which is just that on a bed of scrambled eggs.

“Today’s lifestyles continue to become busier and busier,” said Ken Clark, president of Farmer Boys. “Our new Farmer’s Go Bowls fill a void for people who want a real breakfast but are in a hurry. Like the rest of our menu, Farmer’s Go Bowls provide our guests a quality breakfast from scratch like they would cook for themselves at home if they had the time.”

The new bowls are designed to let customers eat them in the restaurant, take-out or pick up in the Farmer Boys drive-thru. The bowl itself was chosen because of its thermal properties that help keep the new breakfast offerings fresh and hot when busy patrons take them home, to school, to the office or to the jobsite.

The new Farmer’s Go Bowls were developed for Farmer Boys by their new marketing agency White Barn Group, who suggested the products after completing an extensive menu study for the brand. “We found an opportunity to satisfy a need that is not currently being met for breakfast lovers who are on the go,” said Tim Hackbardt, Principal Farmer for White Barn Group. “If you are on the run in the morning and do not have time to make breakfast for yourself, you are currently limited to the typical fast-food sandwich.”