Farmer Boys is sponsoring Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital (LLUCH) 39th Annual Children’s Day Event for the 12th consecutive year.

This year’s Children’s Day will take place on May 8, 8:30 a.m. -2 p.m. at the LLU Drayson Center Superfield (11125 Campus St, Loma Linda CA), and will be free to the public. Recommended for children under 8, the community health fair provides hands-on learning experiences to help children feel comfortable in a hospital setting. Farmer Boys will be hosting an interactive petting zoo, sharing spin-wheel giveaways, and providing salad wraps and fruit to 180 volunteers. For further information, visit

“Sponsoring the LLUCH Children’s Day is an annual highlight for the Farmer Boys team,” says Daisy Alvarez, senior director of marketing at Farmer Boys. “The petting zoo continues to be a hit with the children, so we’re excited to bring it back for a third year. At the heart of Farmer Boys is community involvement, and initiatives like Children’s Day make us proud to have built such a long-lasting relationship with LLUCH that provides wonderful clinical and outreach care to children. We look forward to fundraising with them for many years to come.”

Since its first partnership with Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital in 2000, Farmer Boys has fundraised and donated over $1.4 million towards children’s health and working towards providing world-class clinical care and outreach programs to children each year.

For over 40 years, Farmer Boys has set the standard for serving high-quality, farm-fresh food in a fast-casual setting. The menu consists of award-winning burgers, cooked-to-order breakfast served all day, hand-chopped salads, specialty sandwiches, and more, all prepared with quality ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible. Produce is delivered fresh and whole to each restaurant every morning, meaning it doesn’t sit in a warehouse for weeks and can be enjoyed at its pinnacle of crispness and flavor. By going the extra mile for delicious, flavorful food, Farmer Boys’ guests can count on fresh, cooked-to-order meals every time they visit.

Farmer Boys offers drive-thru, dine-in, phone, take-out and delivery services. To learn more about Farmer Boys, view their menu of farm fresh fare, or find the restaurant nearest you, visit and follow the brand at @FarmerBoysFood on Instagram and Facebook, and @FarmerBoys on Twitter. Farmer Boys fans are encouraged to download the Very Important Farmer (VIF) app to enjoy personalized offers, birthday treats, early alerts about new menu launches, and information on local events. Farmer Boys’ VIF app is available in the App Store and Google Play.

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