With the help of Dallas-based global design consulting firm HarrisonGerman Doner Kebab USA (GDK) is preparing to bring its game-changing gourmet kebabs and secret sauces to Sugar Land. 

As GDK’s trusted North American design partner, Harrison was tasked with supporting the fast-casual restaurant’s global brand transfer from the U.K. to the U.S., resulting in three new locations stateside – two in the Houston area and one on 6th Avenue in New York City. The first of the three GDK locations will open in Sugar Land, Texas this summer at 2148 Texas Drive. Additional GDK openings are planned in 2022, which will also be supported by Harrison.  

“Harrison has been an integral player in our global transition journey,” says German Doner Kebab North America Managing Director Nigel Belton. “When guests visit GDK, they’ll immediately recognize that the brand is something different. We’ll maintain our originality through our authentic restaurant design and the delicious food experience we provide. We can’t wait to introduce the ‘Doner Kebab’ to the Sugar Land community.” 

For GDK’s U.K.-U.S. transition, Harrison applied its strategic approach that’s backed with in-depth research and market knowledge to position the brand for success in America. Working closely with the brand team, Harrison translated GDK’s guidelines for the U.S. market, delivering a compelling concept design and guest experience. The environment features key brand elements, like the iconic Berlin map wall graphics and runway floor design to guide the guest’s approach to the service counter, while using contrasting color and feature windows to create a focal point highlighting the innovative cooking processes in the theater kitchen. 

“It’s been an exciting time getting to support GDK during its global expansion efforts,” says Harrison Chief Operating Officer Keith Anderson. “Harrison takes a holistic approach to overseas transitions, providing full end-to-end services and focusing on elevating the guest experience and ensuring the brand stands out in the new marketplace. Our deep understanding of GDK’s mission to revolutionize the kebab across the globe, combined with our knowledge of the market conditions stateside, have been key in us developing the right design for scaling the concept internationally.”  

Harrison creates engaging brands and crafts meaningful experiences which bring a brand’s strategy, interiors, architecture, packaging and digital worlds to life. During its brand architecture design, Harrison employs creative storytelling, thorough market research, business strategy workshops and more to tie the physical premises together with the concept’s story.

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