FAT (Fresh. Authentic. Tasty.) Brands Inc., a leading global franchising company that owns 18 restaurant brands, announced its charitable foundation, the FAT Brands Foundation, was recognized by the Los Angeles Business Journal at the annual Non-Profit and Corporate Citizenship Awards. President and Founding Member of the FAT Brands Foundation, Jessica Wiederhorn, was named as Non-Profit Executive of the Year (Emerging), and the FAT Brands Foundation received a nomination for Non-Profit of the Year.

Since the conception of the foundation in 2022, Wiederhorn has brought together a diverse team of board members and developed the overarching vision of the non-profit: champion local causes that unite and uplift communities across America. In its inaugural year of giving in 2023, the FAT Brands Foundation awarded over $250,000 to 43 deserving non-profits in FAT Brands’ communities. Looking to 2024, Wiederhorn has been key in driving fundraising efforts for the foundation, increasing the funds available to provide to deserving non-profits by approximately 37 percent.

“I am incredibly humbled to receive this prestigious honor from the Los Angeles Business Journal,” says Jessica Wiederhorn, President of FAT Brands Foundation. “I share this accolade with my fellow board members as, without their unwavering commitment to the foundation, we wouldn’t be where we are today. This is also dedicated to the non-profits that we support—they are changing lives every day. Many organizations that we have provided grants to were also recognized by the Los Angeles Business Journal, and we are honored to work with them.”

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